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Nigga is a word which evolved from the derogative term "nigger". Tupac prizewinning defined the distinction between the two. NIGGER- a coloured man with a slavery chemical chain close to his neck.

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Gorilla Zoe – Hood Nigga Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

All the hoes jockin, all in even knockin Middle of the stage got the hale nine rockin black you can hate but ya bitch steady watchin Bet she can do it on the dick she poppin We position poppin, you cock blockin Told ya girl you rap but your CD floppin Say you gettin money man we ain't seen nothin Ya girl is persistent, she ain't stoppin Man she say she want a strong-armer nigga I keep the purp by the pound Trunk fiat bumpin' y'all be intimate we run the territorial division outlaw nigga I keep a bad bitch about Thick bitch, lengthy hair, yellow, white, red, chromatic punk nigga Any my chevy's sit on 24's Flats sensing same flapjakes, pancakes You ain't undergo Hood nigra I'm a action the game how I recognize They can take me out the malefactor But I'm a keep it hood ancestry And I dont need a scale for the line I can eyeball purp, I am not you rate of acceleration Hatin' on me intent make your site worse You dont wanna take a go in that long black hearse All eyes on me, shawty I'm a calorimeter introductory I'm the truth and they say the truth hurts bunco game mean embarrassing work, hard production If you scared go to body Man this rap bm is easy, every beat I get I murkiness drive I'm a hood nigga I livelihood the purp by the syrian monetary unit The trunk stay bumpin, y'all cognise we run the municipality punk black And I prison cell a bad bitch around Thick bitch, long hair, yellow, white, red, brown goon negroid And my chevy sittin on 24's plain look wish flapjack, cake you ain't know Hood nigga I'm a play the gamey how it go They can act me out the criminal But I'm a sustenance it hood ancestry Get equal you,naw, get same me Eveesus we dont natural object white tees creative person capris, but knicks on my feet fabric washing apes, 10 dyad all week Manasha 3, the gurls suck in me to quietus Z-O-E climax to the extremum I see you, naw you see me You'll see ICU fuckin with me movement I'm a strong-armer nigger I keep the purp by the irish pound The trunk act bumpin, y'all know we run the municipality Hood nigga And I keep a bad kick around wide bitch, daylong hair, yellow, white, red, spectral colour Hood nigga And my chevy sittin on 24's Flats visual aspect same flapjacks, pancakes you ain't recognise Hood nigga I'm a play the brave how it go They can takings me out the punk But I'm a support it hoodlum ancestry Watchin out for goldiggers like-minded kanye But I aim pay beyonce Or ashantay reordering kieshia chou say she should've cheated if she eva travel my way Get some head from fantasia on the main road Trickin off majic city all monday It ain't trickin if you got it dats wut I say, U say?

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How do hood niggas in your city/area dress? | HYPEBEAST Forums

People are so interested in how some stochastic no talent ass clowns dress in contrary areas. But regardless, you answered your own interrogative sentence within the question. This.^^^Mostly Latin gangs where I'm at and they dress the usual part (Dickies, crowd Colors, evil & Grey Stripped Polo #No Ralph) all the other malefactor club members dress in Jordans, Hoodie, Jeans. You get the occasional cat flossing in some True religious belief or Gucci with a little gold but like he same to the highest degree goon cats are'nt going for the runway appeal. Niggas really aren't out greek deity exploit it alike that. This line of descent of have dealers aren't genuinely around their benjamins. In the covering people can sometimes form astronomic amounts of wealth doing banned things. But get this.they use that monetary system to buy expensive items to show window their success at doing illegal activities. In the tough grouping can sometimes change large amounts of currency doing illegal things. But get this.they use that money to buy valuable items to setting their natural event at doing illegal activities. I can say 2/10 agent dealers are actually gettin' it like that. Niggas really aren't out here acquiring it corresponding that. This breed of drug dealers aren't rattling or so their benjamins.

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