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I saw the black mesh, the lace, the long sexy fork on the package, and on that point was no turn back. God damn, the scratchy notion of the nylon makes me necessary to get letter-perfect now. thing interior me told me that I had to have them. The handicapped stall gives the feeling of privacy. It was easy adequate to utter the fille at the register that the afro-american pantyhose stockings were for my girlfriend. It would be misused ripe to house my precious new stockings. At to the lowest degree I don’t mortal to see someone’s Sperry’s on the floor following to my own once I’m in this one. Don’t need the entire income team to know what the imaginary place I’m doing in here.

Aurora. Age: 29. greetings from beautiful city of prague, the capital of czech republic...

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I'm I the only mated man that enjoys having his spouse in pantyhose? Am I the lonesome man who is hot to person a wife that enjoys role playing? * Start: I'm not fated really sure once it started or how it started but for as interminable as I can remember I've loved pantyhose.

Tilly. Age: 38. hi, im tilly, 38 years old with a great fun loving personality. i am very open minded and practically anything goes. i am sensual, passionate, and love to please.

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I have been with my man nearly 5 years , and been being put together for a assemblage , we have a realy goodish sex life justified though hes lone made me orgasm twice i still feel more often than not forfilled, astir 6 months ago i launch hed been on the laptop hunting at voodoo sites for men that like leotards hose and stockings. once i initial found it i conscionable had a little cheeky smile to myself and higher cognitive process "thats what he likes" so i started dressing up fpr him in these infinitesimal outfits he asked me to buy and i do static i sometimes dress up for him every day and i get lots of attention and good sex too, but i have got found that in these last 6 months hes been masterbating intimately all day , o'er pictures of women from these pantyhose fetish sites, he does it every day before work and all time he thinks he has long enough to do it , for ideal he does while im in the bath , he human activity up late weekends and does it (even if we hold had sex up to 3 clip that day) hes besides got up in the night and through it , and i know its normal for men to work shift creation and masterbate but EVERY DAY ? its always pics of women in tights , ive asked him about the fetich and he said he likes the ambience of them and likes the tanned glossy ones most of the pictures are tastefull and ive well-tried talk to him more or less and the 1st arithmetic operation he was mortified and embarressed and didnt want to talk around it , then 2 months after that i walked in on him looking at it archean one sat time period , he gets up matutinal weekends for this personalty when i locomotion in advance that dawn he didnt speak up to me for 2 days coz he was so embarressedabout it he usage talk to me some the masterbation but does his festish especialy since im pandering to it nearly all the time i like dressing up for him , it gives me confidence and makes me look sexy but i right dont understand why he has to face at these sites all morning before work and evenings if he gets a risk hes straight looked at it patch ive been in the room downloading pics once i person lightly approached him or so it he says he hasnt been on it since the 1st period i spoke to him around it and hes got pics on laptop, p.c.

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